Claudia Tichy

As long as I can remember, my life was full of challenges. There’s hardly anything I didn’t experience as a child, as a teenager, as an adult, as a sister, and as a mother – I lived through extreme hardships, survived illnesses and overcame one obstacle after the other. And still, from the very beginning, I was taught to believe in the help of God and the Universe, and I was very fortunate being accompanied by wonderful helpers, guides and teachers. All these experiences affected me deeply, and led to my capacity to support and help people in difficult situations.

Already as a child I was blessed with the ability to recognize souls, communicate with them, and detect hidden movements. It certainly didn’t make my childhood easier, but it helps me enormously today. My wonderful teachers showed me how to use my powers, for which I’ll be forever grateful. I feel honored and humbled to further relay my knowledge and to continue to learn.

1962  Born and raised in Upper Austria with my twin brother Markus


Married to my wonderful husband Martin

The gift of my life – my four children: Raphael, Lukas, Sebastian, Valerie,
and six grandchildren: Alex, Josef, Anna, Emelie, Annika, Sarah


1980 Pedagogue (Nursery school and kindergarten teacher, Austria)
1985 Consultant for pregnancy and breast feeding (La Leche Liga, Switzerland)
1993 Energy Fields Process Training (Israel Carmel, Florida/Israel/Austria)
1994 Kinesiology Practitioner - Brain Gym (Regina Pokorny, Austria)
1994 Kinesiology Instructor - IKC (Int. Kinesiology Center, Switzerland)
1994 Family Constellation, Business Constellation Work (Erich Haretzmüller, Austria, Stefan Hausner, Germany)
2000 Personality Coach (Diploma, Ela Kattinger, Germany)
2007 Familly Constellation Therapist - Bert Hellinger (2011 Diploma at Université Européenne Jean Monnet, Brussels/Belgium)
2009 Going With The Spirit Mind (Certified, Bert Hellinger, Germany)
2010 Gender/Diversity Training (Consulting Prohaska, Austria)
2010 Tutor for teachers/pedagogues at University College of Education in Linz/Austria
2011 Fertility Massage Therapist (Certified, Birgit Zart, Germany)
2013 Instructor for Systemic Constellation Work