Emotional Release Process

You certainly know the experience of emotions you don’t want in you or around you. You are familiar with the experience of emotions forcing you to do things you don’t really want to do, or forcing you to handle certain situations in ways as if “it wasn’t yourself that drives you”.

Part of the reasons for doing this is that in your past you needed patterns to survive painful or threatening situations. Oftentimes it already begins in the womb, carries on by going through your own birth, dealing with parents, sometimes their divorce, illness, new siblings, death of beloved animals, fights at school, repeating problems in relationships, pressure at the job etc. So in the course of your life, you have created patterns how to handle these situations. Patterns, back then created to help you through rough times, are very likely to block you today in different situations that only remind you of the past. Though you have already moved on, the automatic program makes you believe it’s the same situation, resulting in the same pain. From this moment on, it’s not you who handles a situation, it’s your patterns that handle you.

Why? Because there was no healing in the soul, and the pain hasn’t been erased in certain parts of your system, mentally or physically.

Thus the focus of the Emotional Release Process is to bring healing energy directly to the deepest roots of where it all started, even including past lives. For the soul it doesn’t make a difference if the pain arose yesterday, in your childhood, or in another life. For the soul, pain is pain, anger is anger, fear is fear, and the soul’s only wish is to be free.

So what do you need to go through the Emotional Release Process? Only your will, the time you dedicate to your soul, and your permission of not asking how. Healing the soul doesn't need any words. Abandon the "how", and we're ready to start.



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ERP sessions are mostly non-verbal, supported by my music created especially for this process.

Here you may listen to my healing sound and voice: